Was I really seeking good, or just seeking attention?

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I am really, really bored.

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Peter Petrelli
The power went out a few times last night, which sucked. We were like 2/3 done with Eragon when the power went out the first time, and about to watch tv the second time. I guess we can finish the movie tonight before Lost comes on.

I got my art stuff and books mostly put where they needed to be. I still have a lot of clothes to go through and probably more crap in boxes I'm sure I've forgotten about, but I've really made a lot of progress with getting rid of shit I don't need.

Paul tried to buy me the CoV expansion the other day, and apparently they had discontinued the single CoV pack in favor of the box set with both games, so the ones they had left on the shelf were free since they weren't supposed to be there. So he got the game for free, and you get a free month with it, so they actually gave us $15. That was pretty lucky.

I guess that's all for now.

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My shoulder hurts, I think I'm getting stressy... not fun.

Happy Feet was fucking adorable. I loved it.

We went to the Miami Science Museum on Saturday, that was pretty fun. We went for the Alien exhibit, and also saw some astronomy stuff and normal science museum stuff also. At their outdoor wildlife area, they had a bunch of neat birds, hawks and vultures, owls and eagles, etc., and they also had a bunch of different turtles and tortoises, 2 of which we saw getting it on. There were a few bastard kids that were throwing rocks at them until Paul yelled at them. Stupid kids.

I'm reorganizing my books and art stuff, what a freaking ordeal. I have stuff all over the place...

Oh, I stole this from Nevin.. it's fun and accurate! :)

What American accent do you have? (Best version so far)


Most people don't know it but this is actually what dictionaries are based on. If you don't believe me, pick up any American dictionary and look up "source" and "sauce" and you'll see they are written with the same vowel pronunciation.

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What to wear...
I guess I am going out tonight... I have no idea what I am going to wear... let the games begin.

Hell yeah I'm a mutha fuckin princess!
I wish email would overtake phones as the primary means of communication between people. I hate talking on the phone. A lot.

I went to Posh on Tuesday night with Mark and had a blast. We enjoyed a lemon hookah, and had a bunch of top shelf alcohol. The chocolate martinis were fucking amazing. Mark had him make it with vanilla Stoli, Godiva, and a splash of Kahlua. After we left Posh, we went with a couple of people to the Poorhouse, and then we went to the Floridian for some drunken munchies. Mark eventually passed out, and I tried to pay but they only accepted AmEx. WTF. So I try their ATM, which is out of order, and end up having to walk a few blocks down Las Olas, by myself, at 3:30am, to get cash to pay for the food. I was such a chicken cuz there were a bunch of homeless people and drunks around, I pretty much walked in the middle of the street the entire way. That was funnnn. hehe When I eventually get paid, me and Mark will have to go back to Posh because I really enjoyed it. This time we'll bring Paul, since he seemed to like the other hookah bar.

The alien exhibit at the Miami science museum is gonna end soon, so I told Paul we have to go either this weekend or next weekend. Probably next weekend since we have a lot of stuff to do around the house this week, and he's working tomorrow.

Hopefully my mom will come over tomorrow and cut my hair like she said she would. I need the hair in the back to be off my neck because it's driving me crazy, and while I can cut the rest myself, I can't see the back and therefore I'm sure I'd do it noticeably crooked and it'd look stupid. She probably has to do laundry, and their washer is fubar'd again, so chances are she'll be here.

I need new sketching pencils. I absolutely hate the ones I have. I don't even remember where I got them, but I got so mad today at one that I almost broke it in half. So I guess I'll make a trip to the art store at some point soon since I've been so actively artsy lately. I bought watercolor markers today, but aside from just testing them out, I haven't actually done anything with them yet. Maybe tomorrow. But I have stuff to do... and I'll probably end up doing neither.

I rescued Luigi today in Princess Peach. Now I'm up to the last stage which is Bowser's house. It's cute and slightly irritating because there are a lot of doors. I haven't played City of Heroes in a few days. Jason and Sara were over last night and we played with the Wii a little, but Paul had me playing golf and baseball with him, and I sucked at both and lost interest real quick. Jason forgot the nun chuck so I couldn't play boxing.

VNV Nation was really good last week but it didn't make me miss going to clubs all the time. It was nice getting to stiff elbow someone I really don't like, on purpose, and have no repercussions hehe That club was horrible and the guys running it had their heads up their tushies.

Soon we will start a savings account for our move. I can't wait. I figure we're not going to bring all of our crap with us, so towards the end of the year I'm going to eBay a lot of shit. I plan to give all of my stuff a letter grade, and anything below a really strong "C" can go.

I think I'm gonna lie down now and relax. Fun.

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We went to Christina & Eric's yesterday for Easter dinner. I had a great time. They're going to come over on Saturday to watch movies and have dinner.

I went to the West Palm airport last night for the first time. It's very small compared to Fort Lauderdale & Miami.

I am not sure when Paul is going to come home. We need to go to Petsmart to get dog & cat food and puppy pads that stick to the floor. Ralphie likes to run around with the ones that don't stick and he won't use them.

Sara and Jason came over on Saturday night and brought the Wii. That thing is so much fun it's scary. First we played Tennis, which took me a few games to get the hang of, but then I was fine. Then we played boxing, which I was awesome at, and I think I pulled a muscle in my arm lol Then we played bowling, and I was kicking everyones butt until Sara came back in the end and beat me by like 1 or 2 points. Weak. lol My mom was here too, and she got all excited when we told her Jason had downloaded the original Zelda. She loves that game. So our next major purchase will definitely be a Wii.

I'm going to try to organize my desk and art supplies, and organize the closet tomorrow. This is a lofty goal, as I am very lazy and easily get discouraged when I can't find places to put everything. Of course the fact that I have waaaaaaay too much stuff is totally irrelevant. Yup. Totally.

Ok, he's home and we're going to Petsmart & Walmart.

If I had a dick, this is where I'd tell you to suck it.
I chopped off my hair again. I wasn't crazy about the cut I got, so I took matters into my own hands, and cut more off myself, then redyed it black. It looks much better now. Miriam came over on Saturday and put in streaks of pink and I like it even more now. I went to Hot Topic yesterday to look for headbands, and got a bunch, and I also got rainbow star earrings and the necklace I'd been eying with the unicorn and rainbow charms. Sanrio has new Pandapple stuff, so I picked up some new goodies there also.

Ralphie is currently trying to eat my elbow.

Me and Paul's 3 year anniversary is tomorrow. I can't believe we've only been together for 3 years. It feels like 20. hehe Wicked is Wednesday, and I'm very excited. This is a busy week! I think Rob said we're going to PF Chang's on Saturday, too, which is cool.

My work website doesn't seem to be working, so I guess I'll play CoH. I told Eric when I get to level 50 (6.5 levels away) then I'll get CoV and play a villain.

15 days to Wicked
Paul got his tax refund last week. He's gonna get a big HD flat panel tv and we need to get stuff done to both cars. I had my battery replaced at CarMax last week since no normal place can/will do it. You have to change the battery from under the car since it's down below the air filter and some other stuff. I apparently have some sort of crack in something, so I have to take the car to Chrysler to get fixed under their power train warranty and my brakes need to be resurfaced, whatever that means. Paul's car needs some work also, and I'll probably bring it to the mechanic tomorrow.

We did a little useless spending, mostly on me, as I got a new doll:

and Aaron Lewis tickets, and some new tee shirts from the Disney Store, even though I've made a concerted effort not to buy so many clothes with cartoons on them, but I got the cutest Jessica & Roger Rabbit shirt and a really bad ass looking Jack and Oogie shirt. We also bought an indoor grill that I am going to try out tonight after we go to Publix for some groceries.

I'm gonna drive Rob to work shortly and then go get my sister to go to the mall. I'm hoping the MAC counter in Burdines has the lip gloss I want that the MAC store in Town Center didn't have. They had one that was very similar but it wasn't the Barbie line, so I passed on that but did get the green shadow. Hopefully today I have better luck!


We've Lost Control of an Outpost
Last Monday was the Billy Joel concert. Me and my mom had fun, although getting to that arena is a freaking nightmare. She wasn't thrilled by all of the escalators and stairs since she's so scared of heights, but she got over it. The concert was very good, especially considering that half of the music was published before I was born.

Valentines Day was good. We were pretty busy last week preparing for my birthday, so it kinda got pushed to the wayside, but we had a nice time.

I had 2 jars of salmonella peanut butter. I have to get more, and a I guess a different brand. I might try the fresh stuff from Whole Foods, if I can get over there.

Saturday was my birthday, and I had a party. The night started off with dinner at Ruby Tuesdays, which was sucky because I had wanted to go to Cheddars, but they had too long of a wait, and I needed to be back to my house for the party. Ruby Tuesdays used to be better, and although my dinner was good, my mom's and Paul's were not, and all of the food was kinda salty. We left there and went home, and hung out for a bit with Rob and Miriam and Alex before a bunch of other people steadily showed up. It was a good party, no drama this year thankfully.

Breyers Cookie Jar ice cream is one of the best ice creams I've ever had.

Last night I went with my sister to Revolution for some local band she likes. They weren't awful, but they weren't very good either because all of their songs sounded the same. I heard one girl behind me going "They sound like Creed" and then a second later she goes "I hate Creed."

I'm going to go to the mall soon and Publix after, and later Roach is coming over.

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Katie called me yesterday and asked me to go to lunch with her, so I told her I would come over after I dropped Rob off at work. I got there, and Homer was saying my tires were low, and I went on a tirade about also needing a battery and brakes and an air filter. So he said to leave him the keys, he was going to get me a battery. So I did, and we left. He proved that sometimes he can be sort of useful by filling up my tank, replacing the air filter, getting the oil changed, getting the nail out of my tire (which I wasn't aware of) and buying the battery. However, apparently PT Cruisers are funky in that the battery is below stuff, not right on top like every other car I've even seen. So nobody would put it in, and it's sitting in my back seat. Richard said he'd put it in for me last night but it was too dark, so I'm going back over there in a little while, he said he'd do it during his lunch break. And apparently I don't need brakes. They checked them and they are fine. So I'm just nuts I guess.

1I'm starting to make the initial plans for my birthday get together. I've only told a few people, and since it's in a week and a half, I guess I should get on that.

Lost comes back tonight, that makes me a happy cookie.


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