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I went shopping yesterday for a very, very long time. Christina had a gift card so she had lots of spending money, and I like to shop, so we went up to City Place so she could get some clothes and stuff. In the process, I got a new pair of Rocket Dog (love that brand) platform flip flops on sale for $20. They fit really nicely, and I love when I see something in the window that I like, and go inside and get it. Kinda like when I got my car. I saw it online, picked out the color I wanted, and the next day went and bought it. God I love instant gratification.

I also got a purse, big surprise. A few months ago, I went to pay the car insurance, and decided to brave the store next to the agency. It's a vintage-ish store that has jewelery and accessories and stuff. Lots of cute shit. When I went inside, I saw this purse that I really liked, but it was about $40-45 (I forget exactly) and that deterred me from getting it. I thought about it for a few days after and then decided I have enough purses, and didn't go back to get it. So yesterday, we go into this clothing store, and I see they have a display in the front of purses, with a sign that said "$9.99" and there it was. The same bag, for $10. Score! It's so pretty, I <3 it. Pearly pink cuteness. We had lunch at some healthy Italian place, which was good. Their garlic bread was amazing.

Victoria's Secret has 75% off their makeup, so I got a really pretty sparkly copper/pink lipstick for $3. Christina ended up buying it for me to make up the difference at the end of her gift card because she didn't want to have to go back.

I got my new shirt the other day, and it's so fucking pretty. I love it. I'm waiting on the socks Paul ordered me too. Hopefully they come tomorrow.

Bowling with Jenn and Dole has been fun the past couple of weeks, but got canceled last night. I didn't expect to be out for so long yesterday and never got in touch with Jenn, so she made other plans that also fell thru. Lame. I was exhausted, and although I would have gone, I was fine to sit home and relax too. I suck ass at bowling, but getting the 103 last week was nice.

I'm so exhausted. I woke up this morning at 11:30am, and I thought it was like 7. Ugh. Tried to go back to sleep, but then the phone started ringing. Hopefully tonight I will be tired at a normal time and won't be up til 4am again.

Sue went to Sanibel for the weekend, so it's been weird having the house relatively empty. Katie ans Sara have either been working or out with people doing shit I used to do before I got old. We have to deal with psycho manic Lilo though, who cannot survive 15 minutes without my mother, let alone 4 days. I wonder if this is how Ralphie gets when I leave. I KNOW it's how Chief is when he's without Paul for too long.

Today I want to go to Gamestop and see what kinda trade in credit I'll get towards a DS Lite for all these old games I have. I'm hoping to get at least $20 for the 7 games.

I also need to continue cleaning my room. We got a ton of shit done last week but then got side tracked with other crap.

Paul is starting school this week hopefully. He's going to get some of the certifications he needs, which is awesome. I'm really happy for him to have something to focus on now. These past couple of years, although peppered with good things - like getting married, our Disney trip, etc - have been pretty shitty, and we really need to get started doing stuff to make things much less unshitty later in life.

I'm trying to get my eggs into a basket to try to figure out what I am doing with myself. Paul wants me to come up with something that will make me happy, and he will help me make it happen. I think that my idea to make handmade home decor is a good direction to start in. That way I can keep refinishing my furniture, make candles, and do whatever else comes to mind. I have to get with Krista this week to do the candles, and potentially start an Etsy account. I have to also remember to bring my laptop and some drawing pencils over there as I promised.

I forgot to buy turnips in Animal Crossing again. Ugh.

I'm starving, so I guess it's time to find something to eat.


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