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I cleaned my room, sorta. I'm kinda lazy and we have a lot of stuff. We need a dresser, but I don't have any way to get it here, so we don't have a dresser. I need to make friends with someone who has a truck. I got rid of more stuff as I was cleaning. Yay me? I'm trying to get into the mindset of "we're gonna move across the country and don't want to bring a ton of shit." So far, eh? I like my stuff, I just have accumulated far too much of it. I've been really good about not buying new crap tho, so that's definitely something. The only things I've been allowing myself to buy are clothes and accessories, and I've gotten rid of a lot of older stuff in those areas as well. I filled a Hot Topic bag with old makeup and jewelery, and made another bag of clothes and shoes to donate. I should be doing more laundry, but it's so icky outside right now. I hate having the washer/dryer on the patio, having my w/d inside the house is going to go on my list of requirements for the next place we live.

I opened a Wachovia account yesterday so it's easier for me to get paid I guess. Kinda weird that I said for years that I didn't want a bank account, and now I have 2.

We're having a party Saturday night for Rob's birthday, so I've got some shopping to do. Ralphie will have to be in the cage or something because of his new annoying habit of barking incessantly at people when they come in. That will get real old, real quick with tons of people in and out.

This weekend is also double xp in CoH/V. I am probably going to play far too much of it and aggravate the shit out of my wrist, but oh well, I have pills for that. I bought the Fairy Wing recipe yesterday which is very good news for me since I wanted them for so long. Now I just have to decide which character to give it to. Decisions, decisions...

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Getting rid of makeup?!?! nooooooo!!

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