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Got the DS. I freaking love it. It's a shade or two darker, but the same color pretty much as my car and phone. I also love the case it came with. And we looked at the recipes in the cooking "game" last night, France seems to have a lot of recipes we want to try. I want to cook tonight if we can get the house straightened up. I need to go shopping to do that and raid the freezer to see what we already have that I don't have to buy.

I might also need to take my phone in, which sucks, but it's randomly turning off for no reason. Usually it's not while I'm doing anything, but earlier I was texting and it just shut off in the middle of me typing. UGH FACE!!

I think we are skipping a movie this week, as I really just don't feel like seeing Terminator in the theater, same with Night at the Museum 2. I didn't see the first one, just parts of it, but the new one looks kinda funny, and it has Amy Adams, who I love. We saw a preview when we saw Angels & Demons for a movie she's going to be in with Meryl Streep playing Julia Child. It looked really funny, me and Sue will prolly go see it. I'm really looking forward to some other movies coming up soon too, like Up, Public Enemies, Transformers 2, Harry Potter, and prolly other stuff I forget. Land of the Lost sounded interesting til I realized Will Farrell is in it, and I saw a preview, which didn't help the case.

I guess I should get started. Lots to do if I want the day to go as planned, which it won't, and is the reason I don't ever plan anything. But it's nice to dream!

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Oh! i CANT wait till we can connect and play games with each other. yaaaay!!

we need to connect on the wii and play some AC... i have a drawer in my dresser with stuff to give to you, and i have apples for you also.

we can do that tonight before 9. Ill call you when i get home

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